InDhanPayGate aims to design a payment gateway ecosystem to facilitate secure and speedy payments for the fuel sector. Our services will assist in fulfilling basic requirements of every dealership.

Long Run

Services are operational 24/7

Easy Accounting

A simple design for suited for the convenience of the DSMs and the managers


Swift and seamless system that provides high quality performance

Global Acceptance

Aiming at impacting the entire world's fuel industry

InDhanPay App

The application is specially designed for the DSMs and managers working at fuel stations. The primary features offered by our app are payments by Dynamic QR code, excel sheet merging for tax filing and multi-mode payment methods.

Hydrogen Ready

InDhanPay will be fully equipped to dispense and accept hydrogen fuel payments.

App & Web

The InDhanPay app is available for both android and IoS devices along with web features.

24/7 support service

Leading market experts and an experienced support team is ready at your service.